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What i appreciate about how the World’s war: the forgotten soldiers series was done is he would set up something like how mush better Black American troupes were treated in France or how France saw itself as colourblind and then show how all of that is complete crap and how yeah…

I found it absolute incredible, how against the will of the majority of the world they are forced to be involved in a war that will not benefit them in anyway shape or form in the long run. And what the last 100years have then forth displayed, is that their very lives, their effort and contributions to this great that had next to nothing to do with them nor their country, was not even recognise.

We learnt about the war in depth, according to the UK’s curriculum and this is something they fail to mention. Up until today I legitimately thought that it was a War fought by solely Europe and America, but then to learn that my own country was involved and the men that died were not even mention not briefly pisses me off. It incredible how the core, the Orientalist could keep hidden away such information for 100 year so many did not know.

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The hearts I’ve broken so I can hold on to, the dream of having in my hand the one thats beats with in you.

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Envy, blocks the road of prosperity
When you start looking at yourself, and accepting who you are as an individual, nothing will stop you from achieving excellence in what ever you do in life.

Think of it as in internal bully in your mind, that distorts your psychology and putting you down, its sub consciously self-defeating. The more you envy the less you will do anything for yourself.


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In order for any relationship to work, there needs to be communication. Communication is key. If there is a breakdown in communication both parties will suffer.

A lot of people I have spoken to, say that sometimes its just easier to leave it; talking about it will turn it into something bigger than it needs to be.

But in my opinion not talking about it creates more issues. Imagine your relationship like a jenga tower; a solid tower of blocks.

For every issue that arises in your relationship and isn’t spoken about (or any other issue for any matter) it’s like the removal of a block. The more you avoid issues, the more they eats into your relationship; the more blocks that are being taken out of the solid structure, more unstable your relationship becomes.

Does that make sense?

The less blocks in your jenga tower, the more issues that need to be dealt with.
There is only so many blocks you can take out of a jenga before the tower collapse, so carrying on as if nothing has happened will cause the fall of your relationship.
In my opinion.


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Life of a fangirl

I’m old as shit, who the hell is princeton?

A boy group called Mindless Behavior..he’s the one with the big curly hair…

JESUS USE HER!! Hey Hey HeyelelelalBOSHA! 

Lol I am going to excuse this frickery since she looks to be under 12/ 

me when I meet the twins bwahaha *serious face*

LOL IS IT THAT DEEP!! this world oh lard 

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Black Women. White is right.

People ask why black women bleach, or wear weave or have an attitude. I will tell why I think this is so. (I, me, my personal opinion)
Us black women have been and still are being considered as the least attractive in comparison to other women from other races. For the past 512 us black women have been compared and measured up against white women, and we have always been considered as less; less attractive, less graceful and less what ever else you can think of, we were considered as lower than low can go. 

Our lips were too big, our noses were too wide, our hair was nappy and our skin was dark.
People can raise the argument in saying that, it was the same for black men too. Maybe it WAS. But now, Black men are praised, envied almost for the masculinity in which they hold. It has been scientifically proven that black people produce more testosterone than any other race on this planet, for our brothers that’s bliss, for us black women…not so much.


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Walls and Fortresses By Kevine Django Francois


Women can be difficult, we can be impossible when we want to.  What some men fail to realise is that these solid brick walls built around us are there for a reason, for protection. What women fail to realise, (as much as we are convinced that men are from polar universe) that men have the same,  I think it’s fair  to say that some men have it worse than women. In fact, the walls that women build around themselves cannot be compared to the  iron fortresses that protect the sensitive side of a man.
These ‘walls’ or ‘fortresses’ work almost like the immune system. We all know the immune system, it helps to protect you from viruses and illnesses.
Behind these ‘walls’ stand a man or a woman in his or her most fragile state. If his/her fragility ends up in the wrong hands…you get heartbreak.
Heartbreak is like a virus. I use the term virus (I hope I make sense here) because when you get a virus, such as cold or flu you need antibodies to help you regain your natural self. These antibodies then remain in your body, for the next time you catch that virus they will able to deal with it.
Like viruses, not all heartbreaks are the same- it takes longer for some to heal than others.
Viruses (heartbreakers) always come back, (its annoying how troublesome people find a way of coming back into your life, right?) and some of them don’t change, like chicken pox; you can never catch chicken pox twice because chicken pox never changes. Your antibodies will still be effective in getting rid of them, if they were to come back.

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